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Did you know?

Floral perfumes appeared in the 20th century and are inspired directly by nature. They are developed around one or more floral scents, and regroup a variety of creations. We distinguish between two types of floral perfumes: soliflores, which are based on single floral aromas, and floral bouquets, which are an arrangement of multiple floral notes.
Floral perfumes are composed of a variety of ingredients, such as lily of the valley, rose, violet, iris, and frangipani. It is possible to enrich these perfumes with green, fruity, or spicy notes, to unveil all the beauty of an olfactory composition.

Characterised by their softness and subtlety, the essential oils or absolutes are principally used as middle notes to strengthen the endurance of a pleasant, floral scent.

Composed of more than 250 aromatic elements, Bulgarian Rose is a flower that is charged with emotion and softness. It is the queen of floral perfumes in high-end perfumery.


Floral notes are found in the following classic perfumes: Chanel n°5, J’adore Dior, Very Irrésistible from Givenchy, and Flower By Kenzo.

Although the iris flower is characterised as floral, it does not have a smell. It’s from its root that its unmissable perfume essence is extracted.


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