parfums naturels


Powerful and refined

Did you know?

In ancient times, woody scents were used to make ointments, and as fragrances in ancestral perfumery. Synonymous with luxury, each woody scent has its particularity. Each tree unveils a different scent depending on its origin and the climate of the place.

Woody scents are used as base notes to structure a fragrance. They are composed of essences such as sandalwood, patchouli, cedar, and vetiver, to fix the middle notes and leave a scent trail. So wood becomes the centrepiece, giving the perfume elegance and refinement.

Characterised by their strength and powerfulness, woody essential oils compose principally the base notes of the perfume, evoking warmth and opulence.

Sandalwood is a wood that mixes onctuous, soft, and milky notes. Its strong smell provides a good scent adherence.


Woody notes are found in the following classic perfumes: Bois des Iles from Chanel, Patchouli from Reminiscence, Vétiver from Guerlain, Samsara from Guerlain, Kenzo pour homme from Kenzo.

A majestic tree, cedar brings a smell to perfume that is characteristic of undergrowth.