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parfums naturels
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parfums naturels
parfums naturels
parfums naturels


The Aimée de Mars perfume house specialises in developing natural perfumes with an active heart, which have a beneficial effect on the body and mind.

Perfume…a second skin that expresses itself in your wake, in your spirit…

Aimée de Mars has created a new world of perfume, of natural fragrances, some certified Cosmos natural and Vegan. Discover the secrets of the creation of these perfumes for body and soul, inspired by olfactotherapy and aromatherapy. What is a natural perfume? How is it created? What is the difference between a perfume which is natural, organic or Vegan? It is important to us to give you a closer look behind the scenes of natural and Vegan perfumery, where the pleasure of the senses combines with the care of the body and mind.

Perfume is a beauty companion, a secret of seduction… Can it become a source of well-being? And if perfume was much more than an olfactory signature?

Maison de Mars has invented l’Aromaparfumerie®: each perfume contains an active heart of 21 natural essential oils and Saint Genulphe spring water which harmonise the emotions. The perfumes are formulated with a minimum of 95% of primary ingredients of natural origin. In addition, the brand has excellent relationships with the producers of fabulous ingredients such as Bulgarian Rose, organic Ylang-Ylang from The Comoros, or organic Lavender from The Drôme Provençale.

What is an Aimée de Mars natural perfume?

Invite nature to caress your skin with perfumes that are uniquely beneficial for your body and that bring immense pleasure to your soul. Aimée de Mars listens to nature to seek out and combine exceptional ingredients such as Bulgarian Rose, organic Ylang-Ylang from The Comoros, or organic Lavender from The Drôme Provençale.

Our ethos is based on biological principles from natural perfumery and we do not use artificial colourings, chemical filters, phtalates, polycyclic musk or other toxic, synthetic ingredients.

Aimée de Mars natural perfumes are composed of flower, tree and sap extracts (organic when the extraction method permits), organic wheat alcohol and spring water, which are also vibratory elements for transmitting love.

Like a walk in nature, the creator Valérie Demars, composes natural perfumes with delicate scents, thanks to high quality primary ingredients that are natural, precious and sacred.

Our perfumes are formulated with a minimum of 95% of active primary ingredients of natural origin. The delicacy of nature on the skin, fresh and enveloping sensations, a pleasure for body and soul. All our natural perfumes are manufactured in France, from the conception to the packaging: perfumes that are 100% French.

The advantages of natural perfume

Natural perfume overflows with incomparable richness which confers a tenfold increase in efficacy. Natural perfumery draws its essences from treasured plants and flowers, to offer the best. The scents reveal all the power of the plants. These plants are born in the earth, exposed to the sun and exalt their unique energy through the essential oils subtlly used by Aimée de Mars.

The plants become a channel for transmitting wellness and olfactory beauty! The natural ingredients create a unique scent trail, combining our fragrances with your personality! The synergy between natural plants and your own authentic character, reveals a spontaneous harmony…skin against skin.

Natural perfume…and beyond!

L’Aromaparfumerie® is the alliance between natural perfumery and the power of plants, according to principles of aromatherapy and olfactotherapy. This alchemy gives birth to a high-end perfumery which is living, Vegan and plant based.
Aimée de Mars elevates the art of perfumery using the evocative power of scents and the vibratory power of essential oils.

Natural perfume caresses your skin and exalts your emotions. Aimée de Mars is at the beautiful heart of natural and Vegan perfumes, where plants are king for fragrances befitting a queen!

The challenges of creating a natural perfume

Natural and Vegan perfumes that use organic primary ingredients are an alternative to the synthetic perfumes of the major perfume houses.

The exceptional beauty of the fragrances and the unique beneficial effect of nature on the skin are incontestable advantages. Perfumes that are natural, organic and Vegan are perfect for men and women, who wish to avoid chemical substances in their beauty products and toxic products that are in direct contact with the senses.
While the main benefit of natural perfumes is that a minimum of 95% of their ingredients are of natural origin, they are also accompanied by constraints in their formulation.

Nature certainly overflows with treasure, however, compared with thousands of synthetic olfactory molecules, perfumes that are organic, natural and Vegan have a limited olfactory range of ingredients. In reality, there are only 300 natural primary ingredients, compared with 3000 synthetic primary ingredients that are used in conventional, non-natural perfumery. The good news is that by avoiding the use of synthetic ingredients, natural perfumery avoids certain ingredients of petrochemical origin, which are toxic for the skin and for nature.

Given that the range of primary ingredients is relatively restricted, it is not possible to reproduce certain fragrances in a natural version. There is no natural equivalent for some synthetic notes.
Aimee de Mars keeps its wellness commitments and challenges these constraints, to offer a subtly new and creative perfumery that is natural and Vegan.

Natural perfume for women

Given that there is nothing more intimate than perfume, women will succumb to this new olfactory poetry, in the heart of naturalness. Natural perfume, directly on the skin, dresses their wake with blooming emotions in the colours of love, gentleness and grace. They see sensitivity as a strength of heart, an invincible courage and feminine power. So, how does one communicate with such distinct women? The language of scents is an offering to these women. Like nymphs, these women are connected to the beauty of nature and to their own naturalness.

It is because they feel well and beautiful, that they radiate and attract love, gentleness and grace. Divine perfumes for divine women, goddesses of love who are generous, who recognise the generosity of nature and who honour themselves in the greatest simplicity, dressing themselves in tranquil fragrances which are intoxicating with happiness!

Natural perfume and organic perfume

An organic primary ingredient is necessarily natural, however in addition, it follows a strict charter (choice of ingredients, percentage, formulation method…), controlled by an external certifying organisation. Not all flower extracts can be certified as organic , for example Rose or Jasmine absolutes are not because their extraction process is not validated by the Cosmebio charter.

We use organic essential oils wherever possible but we do not forbid ourselves to use absolutes where necessary. Indeed, our eaux de parfum are natural and although the alcohol used is itself organic, some perfumes cannot be described as organic (because of the use of absolutes). The conception of a natural perfume respects the principles of organic products and the resulting quality encompasses a perfumery which is pure, healthy and beneficial for the skin. Naturalness and the Vegan aspect are true commitments which are expressed daily at each stage in the creation of a natural perfume.

To know what ingredients are used, you can consult the lNCI list which is presented on the packaging and on our website. The International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingreditents (INCI) lists all the ingredients used in a cosmetic product. Most of these ingredients correspond to allergens naturally present in natural essences, such as essential oils for example. (Example: Linalol is a natural allergen which is present in Lavender and Bergamot essential oils.) The primary ingredients are written in latin but the universal language of perfume will know how to speak to you heart to heart!